Quality Policy

"The Quality Policy of Reliable Elevators is to ensure that defined or established Company and Customer Standards and specifications are complied with fully and that products and services provided meet the requirements of the Customer and all relevant associated regulatory and legal specifications, codes of practice etc."

Specifically, the policy of the company can be further defined as below:

  • To be the first choice suppliers to all our customers.
  • To provide services that meet or exceed the customer need and expectations by performing the correct tasks, defect free, on time every time.
  • To take advantage of improvements/evolutions in technology and improve the quality and range of services offered by the company.
  • Training, educating and mentoring each individual to ensure that responsibility and respect for job is maintained and that all staff, in whichever position, have competency to perform their allotted task.
  • To give constant attention to the quality of service provided, always seeking continual improvement in operations and systems.
  • To regularly monitor the effectiveness of the Quality Management System by reviewing among other elements, Management Systems Policies and Objectives as part of the Management Review meeting.
  • To involve employees by allowing them to give feedback and make recommendations for improvement to the IMS, through either by direct contact or raised during any Quality & Environmental Committee Meetings.
  • To ensure that both the customer and the company achieve a fair financial benefit (value for money) from transactions following the requirement to pursue mutually beneficial supplier relationships.

This policy will be kept up-to-date as the company develops and business activities change in nature and size and including any legislative changes.